Fair Verona is a lightly atmospheric and melodic musical duo creating songs out of the luminous air they breathe. Members Mickey Vaughan (lead vocals, piano, guitar) and Maxwell Mandell (drums, audio production) share a deep chemistry and have the power to make entrancing music in even the most minimalist setting. Working out of Charlottesville, Virginia, Fair Verona’s sound reaches from easy listening to rock, but mostly lives on the calm side. Mickey Vaughan is noteworthy and ethereal, putting down just enough piano or guitar for her voice to glide upon, while Maxwell Mandell contributes supportive percussion environments that do much to pull the emotion out of each track. Their 2021 single "Egomaniac" shows their partnership in full flower.

Vaughan and Mandell have been friends since kindergarten and have been experimenting with music ever since. Vaughan began piano at three, guitar at ten, and singing as soon as she became verbal. She has experience in classical singing, broadway, and musical theater styles and has also worked as a voice coach developing young singers. Mandell has also been chasing music since childhood and has skills on drums, piano, bass, guitar, and vocals. He teaches piano and songwriting and is also the founder of The Obscure Sorrows Project, an approach for mental health awareness through the use of music and other creative media. 

Together as Fair Verona, the pair has found an impressive original style that speaks softly but absolutely commands attention. They make thoroughly modern music on vintage studio gear and express intense emotions with the grace of days gone by. The band is working on new material now after a brief hiatus that will bring listeners a more evolved sound, improved production, and a higher level of craft than ever before. Fans seeking meaningful new music to inhabit their souls need to discover Fair Verona at once.